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Dear Mr. Ravi Khosla,

I had applied to sponsor my husband to Canada. He got a letter from the Canadian Embassy to submit his passport along with a copy of our marriage contract, his birth certificate, personal history and Appendix A form.

Unfortunately, my husband's birth certificate does not exist and he only got his passport 20 years back by showing his school records. He has got a school leaving certifiate from the Government of Kerala showing his name (but only with his mother's surname, as was customary it seems during that time and in his region). His post secondary school records however, shows a different name as he had taken his father's surname when he enrolled in a school in Bombay. His present passport and all his previous passports now show his name using his father's surname.

Could you advise us how to explain to the Canadian immigration the non-existense of his birth certificate and the difference in names from his school leaving certificate and his passport? Would providing an affidavit from his parents that his birth was not registered as it was not customary at that time (he was born in 1962) but he was actually born as such and such enough? He is also going to provide an affidavit saying that his two different names are not name changes but refers to one and the same person. What other documents can he provide to the Immigration instead of his birth certificate? His deadline is already nearing so this question is quite urgent.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear Mrs. Nair,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Absence of birth certificates is quite common. I would suggest an Affidavit from your spouse would suffice. And if your husband can provide a document from the local municipality stating "record not found" will be great.

With regards,

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