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I am a resident of Mumbai, India and would be visiting my son, who is working in Boston, USA in May,2012.

My brother is in Canada, and I would like to visit him in August 2012 as well from USA. Can I apply for my Canadian Tourist visa from New york and not Mumbai, India? This is because my trip to USA is approaching soon(mid May), and I am apprehensive that it might take some time to get my Canadian Tourist visa processed in India.

I would highly appreciate if you could let me know about the same.

Thank you.


Dear Krishna,

Thanks for your inquiry.

US and Canada seem not to like applicants to apply for visitor visa through a "third" country. But it's 100% discretion of the visa officer to issue a Canadian visitor visa out side of applicant's home country. You can submit a visitor visa application with supporting documents at Canadian Consulate in USA and explain the circumstances and the purpose of your visit and rest leave it up to the officer.

Wish you good luck.
With regards

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