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Hi Roxanne,

I had applied for FSW class and got medical request and interview call.I was married and so I added my spouse to FSW file.They sent an email saying I and my husband have to come to Detroit for interview and we need to carry my husbands application fees and also forms for the interview.I being in Canada got US visa but my husband who is in India did not.
We emailed them about the scenario and they say we both have to come or the decision will be made on the information provided in the file and even result in refusal.
My question is:
1) Why are they asking to carry the application of my husband with us for the interview ?? Or is it good news ??
I assume it will only prolong the processing time as they would start looking through my husbands application after the interview is done.
Can you plz share your thoughts??

Also I did my medicals for FSW-Arranged employment and then I got medical request for myself and my husband for CEC file.I know the medicals are valid for 1 Year so how do I inform them about the I have to give information about the FSW medical request and ask them to get medical results from that file ??

I have been denied of an LMO and since my work permit is expiring in May 2012 I let go my FSW-Arranged employment file and save money ( $550 for my husband )by not going to US at all ??

After medical request from CEC for myself and my husband (both of us have no medical issues)...does it mean submitting passport is the last step or they can call us for an interview ??

Sorry for the long email but I an very tensed about the whole situation and I will be very thankful for your help.

Thank you

Dear Shaz,

This is a bit of a complicated scenario and I'm hesitant to give advice without being able to actually see your applications and the correspondence from CIC.  So the best advice I can give you is to get a consultation from an immigration consultant or lawyer bringing everything with you so they can review it.  

However, on the face of it, it seems that you will not be able to maintain the FSW application with arranaged employment because, if you applied through category II of FSW, you must maintain your work permit which, as you said, is impossible because the LMO has been refused. If that is the case, with or without the interview this application will be refused. And since the CEC application is progressing, it might be in your best interests to withdraw the FSW application and allow the CEC process to continue.  

Regarding the medical, you do not have to do another.  If you kept a copy of the form submitted by the doctor for the FSW medicals, advise CIC of this by sending them a copy of this along with your receipts advising that you have already completed medicals.

Yes, you can be called for an interview for the CEC application as well.

Again, you should have your information reviewed by an immigration specialist to be on the safe side because I worry that I don't know everything just from your message.  But I think the above will be the way to go for you.  Good luck.

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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