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I applied under the CEC category in Oct 2011, and was requested for medicals the same month.
My file was transferred to CPP-Ottawa and the to Detroil in February.
I Have been called to attend an interview in Detroit in July 2012.

They have requested for my 2011 T4, NOA, bank statements and paystub copies.
I also most of the time cash my paychqs for personal reasons.

I have not seen anyone being called for an interview in recent times.

I was in canada and came to back to India in Jan 2012 due to a family emergency and will be returning back next week.

Can you please advice on this?

Thank you.

Hi Dinel,

Thank you for your question.  You need to provide what they request.  If you haven't filed your 2011 taxes yet, advise the visa office of this and get them filed as soon as you return.  Send them a copy of your T4 and advise that your NOA will be forthcoming as soon as you have received it from CRA.  Also send them copies of whatever paystubs you have.  It doesn't matter if you cash your cheques right away or not.

If you do not have a visa for the US, advise them of same since with CEC there is no option for processing in your home country.  It would be unfair of them to insist on an interview in the US and they should be willing to conduct the interview in Canada or in India.

Best of luck.

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Canadian Immigration & Recruitment Consultant

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