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Hi Roxanne, im currently in quebec on an IEC work and travel permit. I applied for my second year IEC but the first application was rejected because i missed a signature on one of the application pages. Ive now reapplied with the correctly filled forms and sent it back.

The issue is my current visa is up on may 19th and I my new application definitely wont be processed in time. I'm just wondering what my options are. I'd love to keep my current job in finance/administration but i'd settle for anything that would allow me to stay in the country until my 2nd year visa is granted.(fingers crossed)

Ive heard of some people being granted implied status but ive heard of others saying that the iec program doesn't qualify you for it.

Would a visitor visa be my best option? Have you ever heard of an border officer renewing a work permit at the port of entry without a letter of introduction? Would it be worth explaining my situation?

My girlfriend applied for her second year at the same time and her visa has been granted. we both have good jobs and it would be a terrible pity if this situation meant we had to move home.

Sorry about the length of this!


Hi John,

Thank you for your question.  In your case, there is no possibility for implied status to continue working until your 2nd IEC has been processed if your employer does not have an LMO.  So my advice would be BEFORE your current permit expires, apply to Vegreville for a change of conditions from worker to visitor and then wait for your 2nd IEC to come through at which time, you can take it to the border to be issued your new open work permit.  No, a border officer is NOT going to issue you a new IEC without the letter of introduction no matter what you say to him or her.

So you don't necessarily have to go home when your permit expires if you've applied to change your resident conditions.  You just will not be able to work after May 19th until you are approved for the new IEC and take it to the border to be issued a new work permit.  However, if you are not approved, you will have to hope that your employer is willing to pursue obtaining an LMO to be able to hire you on a regular work permit.

Best of luck and I hope your IEC is processed quickly.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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