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Dear Roxanne;
the changes regarding Quebec selection says:
Group 2: a maximum of 14,300 applications from March 21, 2012 to March 31, 2013.
I have already a CSQ since Feb. 2010 and waiting for PR. does it affect my case? does the app limit of 14K include me and similar cases. after eliminating 300K dossiers, there are still 160K in queue, are they gonna be affected or accelerated?

thank you
 best regards

Hello Tammam,

Thank you for your question.  Applications submitted prior to this new rule will neither be affected or accelerated.  They will continue to process normally.  However, this could change again if the government changes the rules again. But as of now, it will continue processing per the status quo.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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