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QUESTION: My Canadian PR (CEC) application returned back second time for not accepting a Birth certificate that I obtained from Indian Embassy in NY USA.

Reason mentioned that they can`t accept the birth certificate issued on the basis of passport. I don`t have the original birth certificate.

In lieu of that they asked me the send an Affidavit mentioning ( Applicant`s name, Date of Birth and Parents name).

My question is :  Can I make an affidavit declaring my date of birth and parents name? Is it OK to get it notarized in USA?
or if Affidavit is to be made by my parents ( they live in India).

Another alternative is to make an affidavit stating Birth certificate cannot be obtained, Can I make it?

Pls advise at your earliest convenience since I have very little time left.

Sunil Kumbhare

ANSWER: Dear Sunil,

The Affidavit they request can contain all of the information they requested (name, date of birth, parent's names) as well as stating that a birth certificate cannot be obtained.  Is your application being assessed in New Dehli?  I don't have much experience with that particular embassy but colleagues of mine have advised that getting certified true copies of school records containing date of birth can help as well as a document from the Indian authorites called a Non-Availablity of Birth Certificate which seems to be common for unregistered births.

And yes, you can swear the Affidavit in front of a Lawyer or Notary in the United States.  It is your affidavit, not that of your parents.

I hope this helps.

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Roxanne. This s very helpful.
I had sent myapplication to CIO Sydney,NS Canada, and they have returened the application.
OK I willl get Affidavit in front of Notary in US and also attach secondary school record.
I have a quick follow-up questions:

1. Sncethey returned my application highlighting non-availability of birth certificate, Do you think once I resubmit,there wont be any other requirements?
2. FBI police clearance certificate received from FBI US, is valid for 3 months and time is passed,DO I need to obtain a fresh certificate or can I submit the same mentioning that since they returned my application, 3 months is aleady passed? Please advice ASAP.

Hi Sunil,

1.  Since I can't see your actual application I cannot say if there is anything else missing or lacking.  Read the checklists carefully and ensure that you have everything in your package that they request in the checklist.
2.  Again, if you read the checklist, you will see that it is not mandatory for you to submit the police clearance certificate at this time.  However, submit what you have and if you are approved at CIO Sydney, the file will be sent to the visa office for processing and the VO will request a new police certificate when/if they feel it is necessary.

By the way, I'm sorry that I missed in your previous question that this is a CEC application.  It will be processed at CPC-Ottawa, not the visa post in New Dehli.

Best of luck.

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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