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QUESTION: I am on a L2 EAD and My permit is expiring on Sep 2012,i am working for Mychurch website, can my church sponser me H1b Visa?
If So what is the Proces...

ANSWER: Hi Selva,

Without knowing what job position your church is offering you, my advice will be limited.  Generally, a church can petition for H-1b because it is a non-profit organization.  This assumes that the church will offer you a full-time position that requires a college degree.  It is often difficult for church to offer any position to you that require a college degree, so the H-1b sponsorship is not easy, unless you hold a college degree in theology.

Working for church website, you can probably go for a graphic design position, but that position does not require a college degree (only require skills) and therefore might not be a good fit for H-1b.  However, if you would like you can try an H-1b from your church as a webmaster or media specialist.  It would help your case a lot if you have a college degree related to web design.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your explanation, I don't have a theology degree, i have a Bachelor of Engineering  in Computer Science. Is it advisable to apply for H1b through my Church.
It is not only WebDesign, WebSite for maintaining the Church accounts etc.

Hi Selva,

I think it is worth a try because you do have a computer engineering background.  It would help your case tremendously if you can show experience with web design, website maintenance and other related work from your past.

Go for it and good luck =)


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