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exspouse confusion
exspouse confusion  
QUESTION: Hello, i am being sponsored by my same-sex partner and i have a confusion about the spouse or common law section in Section A of the IMM-5406 form. I have attached an image and i'm confused with the clause:

I certify that i do not have a spouse or a common-law partner, ex-spouse or former common-law partner.

My problem is i do have an ex-spouse, i'm divorcing and it should be done soon. my plan is to wait until my divorce is filed to send the forms with my documents to my partner in Canada.
Now my question is: What should i put in Spouse or common-law partner SEE NOTE 1. Do i put my ex's name in there or i just sign the clause? that is my confusion.

My other quick question is where can my partner request a copy of her Record of Landing IMM 1000, so she gets her Client ID or UCI. By the way as sponsored  in the form IMM-0008 that i have to fill they also ask for the UCI, what should i put there? i'm from Equator not Canadian.


~ Veronica B.

ANSWER: Hi Veronica,

Regarding IMM 5406, that is where you fill in your sponsoring partner's name on the form as she is your current partner.  You don't mention your former partner on this particular form. You have to identify them on the IMM 0008 where it asks about former partners.

Yes, your partner can request a copy of her IMM 1000.  Please see this link for details about how to do this.
However, she may not need it as a copy of her PR card should be sufficient.

If you have never applied for any sort of visa or permit to Canada before you will NOT have a UCI so you leave that section blank on the IMM 0008.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your answer Roxanne, much appreciated.
Could you please give more details about PR card as my partner does not know what that means. She has Canadian Citizenship card. Or if there is another way to deal with the client ID or UCI instead of request a copy of her IMM 1000 as it seems too complicated just to know what number to put in that section.

Thanks in advance from my partner and i

~ Veronica B.

Hello Veronica,

If you partner does not know her UCI number, she can enter 0000 0000 (or any 8 digit number), validate and print the forum and then cross it out and write "unknown".  In a cover letter she can explain that she does not know her UCI number.  CIC will be able to find it based on her citizenship card and/or passport.  They will look up the number in their system as they will be able to find it from her biographical data (name, date of birth, etc.).

Best of luck,

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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