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Hi Ajay,

I have one query regarding Gree Card application.

We (both I and my husband) have Canadian residency. But we filed our 2011 Canadian tax return as non residents recently as we moved to USA in August 2011. My husband is planning to apply for his GC in USA.

I came to know that one person can't have residency for both US and Canada at the same time. Will my husband's GC application have any conflict, while he is holidng Canadian Permanent residency? If yes, at what stage / process he will find difficulty?

What should we do to avoid any issues in GC process?

For your info, we don't have any intention to move back to Canada or renew our Canada PR.

I would like to understand if we have to surrender our Canada PR. If yes, at what stage of GC application, we should do that?



Filing as a non-resident creates doubt about current resident status; i.e., USCIS may doubt whether one has or has not abandoned residency/resident status of the country for which non-resident taxes have been filed.  

Usually, it affects at the time of applying for naturalization - but interviewing officer at GC stage may give you hardship.  I would suggest you [talk with your accountant and] amend the taxes and/or just collect proof that you hold US resident status and not Canadian.

Please note, your question is case specific for it to be answered meaningfully on a forum. I recommend hiring an immigration attorney on a retainer basis to provide on-going support as undoubtedly it will be needed since you are delving into a murky area of the law.   

You may also send details to us via postal mail or email and we will be in a better position to help you.  

Best wishes,

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