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Hi Roxanne,

I would be very grateful if you could help me with the following question.

I am currently living and working in Vancouver on a IEC visa from the UK (Scotland). I plan on applying for the 2nd year in October as soon as they are issued then in May 2013 crossing the border to have my work visa stamped again (as this is when my 1st one will expire).

My main worry is that after my 2nd year expires I will have to return home. I am very confused by which visa I am able to apply for as I cannot find my job title under any of the requirements. I work as a Assistant Barn Manager and will be in this job for 2 years. Back home I worked as a Horse Riding Instructor for 3 years (altho never done my exams for this). And also a finance assistant/Administration assistant for 5 years prior. I am 25 years old at the moment and have no close family here (only nephews etc of my grandfather). I have only been here for one month and already have a Canadian bank account and drivers license. I am eager to start applying for a more permanent visa as processing times can be long.

Would you happen to know which path I should go down in trying to secure a more permanent status.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and any help would be appreciated.


Hi Cheryl,

From a check of the Labour Market Information made available by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, it looks like your job would be included in the group of Farm Supervisors and Specialized Livestock Workers (NOC 8253) which is a skill level B occupation.  This would need to be double checked by you to ensure that you perform the essential and most of the main duties associated with this position.  The information is available at this link:

In order to apply for permanent residence to Canada, you must assess whether you are eligible for any of the programs of immigration currently available. At present, you may have a couple of paths open to you depending on factors of permanent job offer, points, salary, education, and more.  These are just some of qualifying factors of the various programs.  I suggest you consider looking at the Federal Skilled Worker Program with an Arranged Employment OPINION (not just Arranged Employment because that will not work for IEC permit holders), and the Provincial Nominee Program for British Columbia, Strategic Occupations.  

There are too many qualifying factors that must be assessed before anyone can say whether or not you will qualify but this is where to start your research.  It may also be in your best interests to get a consultation from an immigration lawyer or immigration consultant to know exactly where you fit if you find the information confusing.

The good news for you is that it appears that your occupation is at a high enough skill level to have more than one potential path available to meet your goal of permanent residence.  Patience is definitely a virtue in immigration to Canada so understand that this doesn't happen overnight.  Ensure you are clearly eligible and meet all the requirements of a program before you jump into an application.

I hope this helps.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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