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Hi, Jack,

My fiance who I have known for 4 years, and love very much, is from Thailand and we will marry there and later she will join me here in US after being granted a visa.  My questions are related to the possibility of arbitrary strict standards in visa application.  Do they use arbitrarily rules to screen our suitability?

a) age

She is virtually ten years younger than me (44 and 35).  But this doesn't take away our love.  When I visited, the chemistry was great and it is ok in her culture.  

b) religion

Second, will they put us under a microscope due to *presumption of religious differences, since Thailand is mostly Buddist and the US is mostly not?

will they require us to make simplified statements of our religious beliefs in terms of simplified categories.  My beliefs don't fit simple categories.

I respect two different eastern traditions: Buddism and another Adveita, which is extremely not famous.  And I still respect all religions including the Catholicism of my youth.  My wife is Buddist, but admires Jesus and Christianity, too.  Will she be called on in an interview to prove how all of this matches us up?  if a form asks our religion, what is the best way to make it simple and clear for an busy official with not have much time for each case.

If you want to shorten /  simplify my wordy question when you post the answer, that would be fine.


Hi Bob,

1. The age difference isn't very great in your case, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

2. Religion is not a big issue as long as neither one of you is a devout believer of a specific faith that requires the spouse to also belong to that faith (Jewish faith, for example, or Mormon, etc).  Sounds to me that you guys are both flexible on this issue.

I think if you prepare all the applications and supporting evidence well, the case should be approved.  Remember, it is more important to prove that the relationship is genuine through documentations than to worry about abstract things like religion.

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