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Immigration Issues/I married a Canadian and my Canadian Visitor visa expired?


Hi Ravi
Hi Mr. Sung
My wife is a Canadian Citizen, we married in May 2011 and I submitted my PR application in November 2011. My visitor visa expired in August 2011 and I applied for extension 2 months prior its expired. My reason to extend my visa is that I am awaiting for my PR application. It came back and denied, stating that i must leave Canada asap. I applied for a temporary permanent resident permit and it came back and denied. I heard that if you are married a Canadian citizen and submitted your PR application and you are eligible to stay in Canada while waiting for your PR application regardless of your immigration status? What should i do now? My wife and I do not want to live separate apart!

Hi James,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I must suggest you to contact a immigration lawyer because I am not able to give any advice without seeing the paper work. In regards to maintaining legal status: Spouses and common‑law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who wish to apply for permanent resident status are no longer required to have legal immigration status provided that they have an eligible sponsor. All other eligibility requirements continue to apply.


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