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Immigration Issues/Questions regarding President Obama's recent immigration policy change


Hello Mr Sung.
Thank you for taking time out to read and respond to my inquiry.

As the subject line says,I have a two or three questions regarding news on President Obama recent immigration policy change.

I came to the US in 99 from the Caribbean at 17(graduated there not in US)on an F-2 visa.Overstayed the visa(unintentionally),have been out of status ever since turning 21 in 2002.
Not going into the full details of The President's new policy,I want to know if I could have the opportunity to try and apply this new policy change to my out of status dilemma.

30 yrs of age(came here at 17)
graduated from high school(not in US)
Have resided in OH since 99
Been operating a small business for a couple years

What are my chances if any?

Any advice regarding this or is there another route I can try?

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you Mr Sung

Hi Jason,

I believe since you came at the age of 17, you are not within the Obama policy (requires entry before age of 16).

If you entered the country legally, then you can apply for the green card through marriage to a US citizen.  Or you can wait for another change in the law that may apply to you.

Jack C Sung

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