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Hi Roxanne,

I have a number of queries relating to my status, and in particular to rules and stipulations with regards to Québec.

(1)I am currently in Canada on my 1st IEC (Ireland) WHP that is due to expire Nov 2012. I have applied for the 2nd year WHP, provisionally appproved, completed the medical, and I am now just awaiting the medical to be processed. However, my passport expires Sept 2013, and I intend on validating the 2nd WHP on Nov 2012, upon expiry of my current WHP. Does this mean that the 2nd WHP will only be valid until date of passport expiry? Or will it expire 12 months from validation (Nov 2013, provided I get a new passport next year, before that expires?
(2)Can I just double check that I can actually work in Québec with a WHP from the IEC???
(3) Do you know if I am entitled to free french lessons, with a WHP (between current and next one) allowing me to stay until Nov 2013? Also, my intention would be to eventually source employment in my field (occupational therapy), which can only happen when my french improves. My profession is on the skills list, and I do intend on staying here long term and going down the LMO route, but just not yet. I am doing french lessons now, but paying privately and they are no longer financially feasible.
(4) Finally, when applying for permanent residency, or LMO, my profession(as of last month) is now taught at a Masters level and as such, that qualification is required for registration. A back door in is completing the Canada wide exam, passing, registering in Ontario, and then transfering to the Quebec order of occupaional therapy, thus avoiding the masters rule. However, how does one get around this on application for permanent residency/LMO? The profession requires a Masters level, and so points are awarded to that, in addition to age, french competency etc. But if I can still register, and work, then can I somehow highlight this on the visa application to gain those elusive points?

Apologies for the length of the above, and if some of the queries were not relevant, but any guidance is greatly appreciated.


Hi Darragh,

Thank you for your questions.  First, let me tell you that I am NOT a registered consultant in Quebec.  Consultants need a special designation to practice in the province of Quebec and since none of my clients are interested in Quebec and I do not speak French, I have not pursued this designation.  However, I will answer most of your questions as they are general and don't specifically have to do with Quebec rules.

1.  If you are issued the 2nd year of the IEC, your new work permit will be valid for 12 months OR the remaining months on the validity of your passport.  Easy solution, renew your passport before you get the new work permit.
2.  Yes, you can work anywhere in Canada on an IEC permit.
3.  No, free French lessons are only available to permanent residents.
4.  You should speak with a consultant who is registered in the province of Quebec about this question.

I hope this helps.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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