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QUESTION: Hi Roxanne,

I have received a refusal for my extention of work permit. So I left work and am at home.My PR application has been approved and I have sent my passport and landing fees to Detroit.So I wont be applying for restoration as I will be a PR very soon.

My question is after I receive my passport and documents can I cross the Canada border, enter US (as I have US visa)and land in Canada and complete my re-entry into Canada procedure ?
Also after landing can I right away apply for SIN card in person and start working ?? or Do I have to wait for PR card ??

I have been given a temporary leave of absence from work as my company knows I will be PR very soon.As the PR card takes 3 months do I have to wait for 3 months and then apply for SIN card??
Thank you in advance for your advice

ANSWER: Hi Shaz,

Thank you for your question.  Do you still have status in Canada?  Did you apply to change your conditions/restore status from worker to visitor?  You should do that if you haven't done so already and if you are eligible.

In answer to your question, once you receive your passport with the PR visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence document, you can flagpole or enter the US and re-enter Canada and then "land" as a permanent resident.  After completing the landing procedures, you then go to the nearest Service Canada office with your passport containing the voided visa (assuming you are from a non-visa exempt country), your signed copy of the Confirmation of PR document and apply for your SIN.  You will be given a new SIN right away and the card will be mailed to you shortly thereafter.  You can then work right away.  You do not require the PR card to be able to work nor do you need it to apply for the SIN.

I hope this helps.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No ,I dont have any status as i havent applied for restoration of status as I am expecting to get my passport in a couple of weeks.I am under the 90 day limit for status restoration.In that case too is the landing suggestion above valid or will i be in trouble.

Thanks Roxanne for ur quick response.

Hi Shaz,

I always like my clients to have status whenever possible.  By being out of status a person runs the risk, even if it's small, of being removed by CBSA.  It's my job to be cautious and protect my clients.  So if you were my client, even though you are waiting for your passport with your PR visa, I would still advise you to apply for restoration and a change of conditions to visitor OR to leave Canada and wait in your home country.  But it is your choice and I'm assuming from what you wrote that you have already submitted your passport for visa stamping and are just waiting for it to be returned to you.  Assuming you don't get onto CBSA's radar, and really you "probably" won't, everything will go smoothly when landing.  My advice remains the same for landing, SIN card and working.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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