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Good evening Ravi,

I hope that you can attempt to help me figure out the different legalities of my current situation.

I am a Canadian male, 24 years old, employed and residing in Alberta. I recently became engaged to a girl who is a citizen of the European Union, specifically Denmark. We have each spent a lot of time traveling back and forth, but just for visits etc that were less than 90 days.

We have agreed to get married in Canada, and we have decided to live here, and start a family here, so my question is, what sort of immigration laws are there, what do we have to do once we get married, or before we get married? to ensure she can stay in the country legally?

Thank you!


Dear Jake,

Thanks for your inquiry.

It's very straight forward application, which you both have to submit after the marriage. Please follow this link:

Make sure that after submitting your wife's application for PR, she must submit a separate application in order to change terms and condition in order to remain in Canada legally. It's a simple application and will cost you $75, in which she should mention that her Permanent Residence from within Canada Spouse application is in process, therefore her stay in Canada should be extended. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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