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I got recently nominated by SINP and was wondering if I can apply for a working permit first (I'm from the Philippines) and apply for the permanent resident visa once I get there in Canada? I'm asking this because first my employer might cancel my job offer since getting the nomination took us 11 months. Second is the fact that the fees for permanent residency for a family of 4 is too expensive to pay for a skilled worker. Is this option possible?

Many Thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Edward,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please note that when you apply for a temporary work permit for Canada, you must satisfy the visa officer who reviews your application that you

will leave Canada at the end of your work permit
have enough money to support yourself and enough to return home
do not intend to work in Canada unless authorized
will be law abiding
have no record of criminal activity (a Police Certificate may be required)
are not a risk to the security of Canada & in good health (a medical exam may be required)  

In your case, it depends under which category you have been nominated. And by all means, you are allowed to submit a work permit application, and if you do so please make sure you submit all the documentation (nomination) along with your application.

Wish you all the best.

P.S: Please consult your case with a individual who handled your PNP application.

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QUESTION: So if even if you're already nominated by the province and there's the intent to live in Canada, you still need to satisfy the officer that you'll leave Canada once work permit ends?

Is it ok if my intention is once approved of the work permit, I will then apply for the permanent resident visa when I get to start working in Canada (will do this due to money constraints)?

Dear Edward,

Work permits applications are usually bases on officer(s) discretion. We have seen where applicant have dual intent and got the work permit. Each individual case is different. There are numerous provincial programs, where an applicant(s) are eligible for a work permit. Since I don't represent your case, I suggest you to contact your employer who nominated you. There shouldn't be any problem in terms of when to submit your PR application. NEVER mention to immigration officer that you need a work permit due to money restrains. Work permit application is a simple process. Make sure you provide all the documentation to officer.
With you good luck

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