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Dear sir;
 my wife has an admission in a Canadian university. we are applying for her as a student visa with two companies (her husband(me) and daughter (8years old))
my question is, if we present a bank account in my name (not hers) containing sufficient funds, is it OK? if not what should I do (as I can not turn it into joint because it will be considered a new account.)
2- we also have a CSQ and waiting for PR when she received the admittance to university, does this help in assessing our application

thanks a lot

Dear Tammam,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please find the following link, which will assist you:

In general, if you sworn an affidavit stating that you are providing the funds along with supporting documentation and explanation to the officer will be sufficient.

In terms of CSQ, its up to the visa officer to decide  because it seems like a dual intent. For student visa, applicant has to establish the stay in Canada will be temporary but on the other side you are providing information that leads to live permanently in Canada. I don't see any problem, if you properly explain all this information to the officer. Because they got huge discretion. Don't hide anything from visa officer. There shouldn't be any problem as long as all the documentation is in order.


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