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QUESTION: Good day! First of all I woul want to thank you for your kind service your are doing in this site.

I am in a multiple visitor visa together with my 8yr old daughter. While staying here, an employer wants to hire me as a child care giver in an accredited day care in Edmonton.
They say that they have processed my LMO and we are watkng for a positive result from Service Canada.

My plan is to do a flagpoling pr crossthe border to change my visitor visa to working visa and get a student permit for my daughter.

However, they just said that crossing the border is not allowed any,ore for tourists. Is this true? I wanna know if this is a correct information or not.

What is the best option for me now?

I would greatly appreciate your help on this, I really wanna get a working visa so I could send my 8yr old daughter to school as well.

Thank you very much.

ANSWER: Dear Maria,

Thanks for your inquiry.

You shouldn't have any problem to get your work permit at the boarder. Make sure, you have all the documents with you. Nothing has been changed.
Good luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Can i ask too, how could I know if LMO was really passed to Service Canada and how could i follow it up?
i might be waiting and waiting for  it but maybe in the end nothing was really process for me.
I would just want to be sure that I am on the right track.


ANSWER: Maria,
When you receive your LMO from Service Canada, it should say "Positive" along with your job title, wages and duties. Make sure you have original Job offer from your employer duly signed by you and your employer as well as the contract. Your employer can call Service Canada for an update. Just google their numbers in your area.

P.S: Maria, keep in mind that immigration officer(s) got huge discretion(s) in regards to process any given application.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Good day! I am here once again because I triedto email CIC regarding my status. there was a reply but it is a mixed or personal and automated reply though.

According to their email, as a visitor of Canada I should only submit my working permit papers to mu country of residence, nationality, or U.S New York or Los Angeles.

I got confused on how I will do this. Should I still try to FLAGPOLE in MONTANA, cross the border and process my work permit there, which can be done in one day?

Or should i submit my documents to my country instead? However, the downside of that is, I would still need to go back in my country and wait for several months.

Thank you again for your future reply.

You have option(s) to apply at Port of Entry (Flagpole) and I have seen its was very unlikely that someone would get rejected at the border, if he/she has the proper documentation. Second option is to apply at your country of birth.
Good luck
P.S: If you write to an email(s) to CIC, you will only get a copy-paste answer from their web site because they are not allowed to give advice.

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