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QUESTION: Good Morning,

I am a Uk citizen. I am in Canada on an open work permit that will expire on march 31st 2013. I have applied for Permanent Residency through the family class (my partner of 4 years is a Canadian citizen). I sent my application off in Feb 2012 and in June we received an email saying my partner had been approved as an eligible sponsor and the application was then been sent to my desired processing office (to the Uk as outside of Canada has quicker processing)
However i am concerned that my work permit will expire before PR is granted. I have a great job and don't want to have to give it up. Am i able to apply to extend my open work permit while my PR is being processed? I am concerned that if i am denied (for whatever reason)an extension of my work permit it will mess up my residency application.

Your advise would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Emma,

Thanks for your inquiry.

To better assist you, I would like to know how did you get your open work permit at first place.
Hope to hear from you.

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I got my work permit through the international experience Canada program.
If i am not able to extend the permit until my PR is processed what other options do i have?
If i can help it i don't particularly want to ask my employer to have to apply for a LMO. I currently work for a charity as an IT administrator and i am not sure where i would stand with regards me getting a work permit through work. I am hoping my PR will be processed before my current permit expires

Many thanks


Dear Emman,

As you know that if you wish to continue working in Canada you must have an employment offer and apply for a (LMO) regular work permit.

- If I am not able to extend the permit until my PR is processed what other options do I have?

You should simply submit an application for an extension (visitor). An average processing time for such applications is from 50-70 working days or longer & you will be considered in status as a temporary resident until a decision is made on the application.

If the decision is negative then you have to leave Canada and re-enter. But I hope during your application for an extension, you will most likely get your PR status.


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