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QUESTION: Hi thank you for answering my questions , i want to ask you three questions today (i live in Syria and i want to go to the Canadian embassy in Lebanon) i downloaded the application form(the one related to the immigration thing) from but i didn't understand what papers do i have to bring with me when i go to the embassy ? and i need to have all the papers with me because i can't come back to Lebanon again so can you tell me please? and i want to know what's going to happen when i go there i mean are they going to ask me questions about the reason why  i want to immigrate ? and how many times do i have to go back there ?
i know i am going to wait 3 or 4 years to be accepted but how do i know that i got accepted ? thank you so much and i am sorry because i am asking you alot .

ANSWER: Dear Alaa,


Thanks for your inquiry.

Are you intending to visit Canada on a tourist visa?

Please let me know. Hope to hear from you.


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i am sorry but i forgot to tell you that i want to immigrate i mean this process takes a lot of time maybe 2 3 or 4 years i don't know but in the mean  time i would be studying at university so i am just asking you what papers do i have to take with me to lebanon when i want to apply for immigration by the way i am 18 does my age matter ?
thank you so much again

Dear Alaa,

Unfortunately, you can't apply to immigrate to Canada till Jan 2013 without arranged employment. For detailed information, please follow the following link:

If you need to visit Canada then visit

Hope you get all the detailed information on these web sites. These application are quite simple to fill.

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