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Hi Mr Khosla,

I intend to sponsor my wife of almost 2 years into Canada in spring 2015.  We will be applying in Taiwan and with the current processing time for the Hong Kong office in mind, we will likely be submitting our application in fall 2013.

About me, my wife, and my son:  I am a Canadian citizen and soon so will be my Taiwanese-born son as we recently applied for his citizenship here in Taipei**knock on wood**. My wife is a Taiwanese citizen, speaks English fluently, attended 4 years of med school, currently working full-time.

I am a 33 year-old who decided to go back to school a few years ago to complete a bachelor's of applied science (engineering) degree and will do so in spring 2014.  I am concerned about meeting the financial requirements of a sponsor.  I currently have only $5k in my bank account and own no property.  I estimate by graduation, although I will have two years of work experience in engineering-related jobs from the "co-op" part of my university program, I will likely have a small student loan around $15k to pay off at graduation and little-to-no cash in the bank. To make matters worse, at the time I apply to be her sponsor, I will still be in my final year of university so not yet finished school so I cannot even say I an working full-time yet.  

To combat this, soon after we submit our sponsorship application, I will be finished university and very likely working full-time at the same company I am working at now during my "co-op" work terms.  In addition, my wife has suggested that she deposit some cash of her own into my bank account to show that we do have the financial resources and we will get on just fine when we all come back to Canada in 2015.  My wife currently works full-time and owns two condos here in Taipei, Taiwan valued at around $500k CAD. My question is: can my wife deposit money into my account and can I subsequently use that as evidence to show we have adequate financial resources to get on when we all move to Canada? (I say "we" because after I graduate, I will work in Taiwan for one year after which time we all plan to move to Canada.)  Also would her financial resources and the fact that I can provide evidence of my earnings for the 12 months prior to the time of our requested permanant residence for her be sufficient proof of financial resources and income??


Dear Mr. Chow,

Thanks for your inquiry.

1. Deposit money into your account?

Yes, by all means your spouse can deposit money in your account.

Practically, you do not need an income or a job to sponsor your spouse and your application will not be refused.

The key is to write a cover letter stating how you plan to support your family.  You can mention in the covering letter that you both have enough money to support the family and donít need to borrow any money to support the costs of living for your family. If you like, you can provide some evidence in terms of your spouseís assets or bank balance or job offer for your spouse, if any.

Keep it simple and if they require you to do an interview and they ask how are you going to support yourself tell them you both have a savings assets and as soon as your spouseís is approved she will be getting a job and as soon as you finish your study then you have better prospects of job in Canada and you will return to work.

Please donít provide any volunteer information e.g.: where you intend to work etc.

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