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my wife has a Canadian university admission and now applying for study visa in Canada, we got a bit confused with applications: it is not clear for us:
1-I, by googling for info, found the following website which states that there is a change in temp visa forms starting 24/Aug/2012
  while this is NOT mentioned in the
2-we (our 9-year old daughter and I as her husband) willing to accompany my wife so I have to apply along with her as a visitor, should our daughter accompany us to the embassy?
3- we also have CSQ (three of us) and applied for PR and currently in the waiting queue, does this affect positively or negatively the processing of our application.
4- if we were refused visa, should this affect our PR processing later?

thanx in advance for your help

Hi Tammam,

Thank you for your questions.

The forms for applying for a Study Permit and Visitor visas are located here:  This form was updated July, 2012.

With respect to your daughter, follow the instructions on the Canadian embassy website and/or any correspondence you receive from the Canadian embassy where you applied with respect to whom should attend the interview.

Having the CSQ and an application in process for permanent residence to Canada while also applying for temporary status in Canada (student, visitor, etc.) means that the principal of "dual intent" applies to you.  You must be able to satisfy the visa officer that you will be willing to return to your home country at the end of your TEMPORARY stay if your PR application has not been decided yet or receives a negative decision.  Basically you must satisfy the officer that you will abide by the immigration laws pertaining to temporary stays although it is clear that ultimately you intend to reside in Canada permanently.

No, a refusal of a study permit should not affect your PR application unless if you are refused due to criminality or misrepresentation.


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