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Immigration Issues/I do not have birth certificate


I am applying for Canada Immigration ,however I do not have birth certificate .

I have following documents that have my d.o.b

1)10th class marksheet
2) Passport
3)Pan card.

will that be enough ?or do I need to make a affidavit or will above work ?

If I submit Affidavit ,please provide format of it.

Is Affidavit accepted or is there any other alternative ?


ANSWER: Hi Shubhra,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, an affidavit is sufficient that can be prepared by any Notary Public. But I will suggest you that along with an affidavit provide immigration with a copy of Municipal Record stating "Not found" certificate.


P.S: It's a standard affidavit, which all Notary Public knows how to write. Beside your affidavit, I suggest you to get one affidavit from your Parents stating all the siblings along with their date of birth and place of birth weather biological or adopted.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Do I have to go to state where I was born to get "Not found " certificate ?

Will you be able to provide format for the 2 mentioned affidavit

1) Affidavit that I had to prepare.
2) Affidavit that my parents have to prepare.

Affidavit have to be preapeare on stamp paper ? If yes what should be the amount of that ,for example 20 , 50 or 100 ?

Thanks for your previous suggestion.



You can find both sample affidavits while doing a search on Google.

Affidavit have to be preapeare on stamp paper ? Rs. 5 though there is NO mandatory requirement by CIC to have an affidavit on stamp paper but I suggest you to use one.


I, XXXXXXX daughter of XXXXXXXX, presently resident of XXXXXX X, in the city of XXXX, in the Province of XXXX, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare on oath that:

1.   I am a citizen of India and hold a Indian passport number XXXXX.

2.   I was born on XXXXX at XXXXXXX, Gujrat, India.

3.   My birth was not registered and there is no governmentally issued birth certificate available.


AND I make this solemn declaration, conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is have the same force and effect as if made under oath.

AFFIRMED before me at XXXXX      )
in the Province of XXXXXXXX      )
this 28th. day of  April 2012      )          
         )      YOUR NAME
___________________________________   )
Notary for taking Affidavits for the   )
Province of XXXXXXXXXXXX, India    )

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