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I have applied for the Manitoba PNP application with federal agency and my application is currently in process in CPP-Ottawa office.

I am on a closed work permit in Canada and my current assignment in Canada is coming to an end. I have 2 options left
either i continue stay in Canada without job till my WP validity period and then get into Implied status or go back to India.

If i go back to India will it have any negative impact on my application?

When the PR application is finalized I think i will have to submit my passport to one of the consulates in US. I can travel from India and stay in US(have a B2 visa) for the PR stamping and provide an address in US to get my passports back. I don't require to enter Canada until i am ready to land with COPR. Please suggest if my understanding is correct?

Hi Deep,

Thanks for your inquiry.

If you go back to India will it have any negative impact on my application?

No, as long as you update the visa office there shouldn't be any problem. Make sure you advise them where you want your passport to be submitted etc. or you have other option that you asked me in your question (US), which is fine too.


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