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Hi Ravi,

My wife has applied for a temporary visitor status a few months ago. I received an email a few days ago saying the following:

There is currently a message waiting for you in your my CIC please click here to log in.

They have changed the my cic login since I applied, and I see under the help menu that I cannot check the status of my application online anymore, because temporary residence permits are not available on the site.

I can't seem to access the email. Should I assume it's an approval? I would imagine that if it was a denial and she had to leave the country they would be attempting to contact me via phone? We are preparing a permanent residency application and applied to extend her stay here while we do. I would just like to know what's up with her application.

Any ideas on what I could do?

Thanks Ravi,

Jordan Reid

Dear Jordan,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Have you submitted Application for Permanent Residence from within Canada Spouse or Common-law Partner?

I don't see any problem, if you applied to extend her stay while her PR application is in process. Usually, PR application under the above category takes a while therefore I suggest you to keep her status valid till she become PR. You can call CIC Call Centre: 1-888-242-2100 in regards to online status.


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