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Immigration Issues/L 1 b visa from home country or country of residence?


I am an Indian working for Indian IT company in Canada.My company wants me to work on a project in USA.I have been asked to apply for l1B VISA .I am working in the capacity of a senior project manager.
I would go to my home country for stamping (as per my understanding , I can apply for petition from Canada and get stamping from India).
My question is, should I apply from my home country or here(Canada) for a better chance of approval?
I am not sure if the case gets stronger at the time of interview if petition is filed from home country.
Actually I would relocate to India after month but could prepone it if its beneficial to apply the L1b petition from India.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the long question.

Dear Meenu,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Well, there are good chances for you to get your L1B visa within Canada as along as you provide all the supporting documents with your application. But if you are traveling to India then that will be more appropriate in order to establish your ties etc.


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