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I am 63 and get Social Security due to my husband's death 5 years ago.
I am planning on marrying a Canadian next year and live there part of the year.
Will this affect my SS pay?
Should I not apply for Canadian citizenship, or should I apply for Dual Citizenship?

Thank you for any help you can give me. :)

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I regret to say that I am not sure how the SS works in USA. There might be some sort of residential conditions in order to continue collecting SS.

In Canada, it is called old age pension (OAP) and there are certain residency obligations attached in order to continue collecting OAP. I hope you are a US citizen; therefore you can keep dual citizenship, which shouldn't affect your SS as long as you comply with SS requirements.

I'll kindly suggest you to contact the local SS office for more information.

Warm Regards,

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