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I have got a full time permanent job with a hotel as Night Auditor. I believe it falls under NOC Skill level C. I am planning to apply for PR under AINP next month. I have completed the IELTS exam too.

Hopefully I will get the AINP certificate within a month and send my documents to CIC by Dec. But I got a problem with my Post Grad Work Permit which will expire on July 2014. Since my job is in NOC skill level C, I wont be able to get the Bridging Open Work Permit. So in this case, can I apply to extend my WP with the AINP certificate or do I need an LMO from the employer? Also, If I get the AINP certificate by next month, it will expire in May 2014. So, do I need to apply for WP extension before AINP certificate expires?

Meanwhile I got another job offer at a bank as Customer Service Rep which falls under NOC skill Level B. But the position is permanent part time with minimum 30 hrs/week. AINP office said I can apply with a part time job if I have minimum 30 hrs/week as CIC/AINP considers 30 hrs as full time. Also, with a NOC level B job, I can easily apply for Bridging Open Work Permit when my PGWP expires. My question is, which gives me a better chance to get PR? Should I continue with a skill class C job and extend my WP with the AINP certificate? OR will it help better if I take the new job?

Best regards.

Dear Saqeeb,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to provide any advice online.

In regards to AINP, once you get it then you can apply for your work permit without Service Canada confirmation as per subsection 204(c) of Immigration Act.

Please contact an immigration lawyer for the best option(s) in your case.


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