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Immigration Issues/Implied status between IEC applications


Hi Ravi

Iím a UK citizen coming to the end of my first year on the International Experience Canada programme. My work visa expires on March 4. I work as a record store assistant (no chance of an LMO), and have just entered a new month-by-month lease. My first-stage application for a second year on IEC was submitted earlier this week, and, towards the end of April, I should receive my next Letter of Introduction.

I would like to stay in the country, and this in mind, have looked into applying for visitor visas, work visas, applying through CIC and Vegreville, in order to attain some kind of legal status until the arrival of my new Letter of Introduction.

Iíve spent days researching this but will put it simply: What are my options, bearing in mind my priorities are ordered as follows:

1, ie. Top priority) Staying in Canada for the next year
2) Being able to work once my 2nd year IEC visa comes through
3) Being able to work while I wait for my IEC visa to come through.

I know achieving all of these may not be possible.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jazz,

Thanks for your inquiry.

You may apply to Vegreville for an extension as a visitor and keep your legal status in Canada but you are not allowed to work until the arrival of your new letter.

Further, the law is that your visitor application must be received at CPC Vegreville before your present status expires.


Since immigration officer(s) got huge discretion in terms of processing application(s), it is extremely difficult for me to provide case-specific information. In terms of implied status between IEC applications: There is no such status under IEC. Therefore, you are not legally allowed to work from March 4, 2013 till you get a new letter of introduction. Once you receive your letter of introduction, because you will have to leave and re-enter Canada in order to be issued a work permit at the port of entry.


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