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QUESTION: RE: Background Declaration Form

Personal History - does this just pertain to WORK status. If I am self-employed (contract based) do I provide information on all of my jobs (I work in film so they tend to me for a couple weeks or couple months long).

If I traveled during a period of time, must I catalogue each time I passed through a country or can I simply state that during specified dates I travelled.

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ANSWER: In Personal History: Make sure you don't leave a single month blank. Write so if you were Unemployed, self-employed, vacations etc.

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QUESTION: Hi yes I understand that I cannot leave any months unaccounted for, but does this only pertain to TYPE of work - or specific travel dates?

for example for all of 2012 I was traveling and working. Back and forth between Brazil and Canada about 3 times, so can I account for that entire year as Travel apart from the 3 months that I was specifically working. Or do I need to put exactly the dates I entered and exited the country.

Another example - I am a self employed contract worker. So Can I put this for 2009 - 2012 as is the case, or must I put exactly the dates I started each contract within (I work in film).

thanks for providing a more specific answer.

Technically if you are self-employed then you should put 00-2009 --- To Date: Self-Employed because income requirements are exempt for spouse applications.

The key is that you both have to prove your relationship is genuine therefore if you mention that you did visit him few times during the year will definitely help your application. Make sure you submit your stamped photocopy of your passport in order to establish your visits.


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