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. I entered the U.S. illegally in november of  2000, I was caught and I was taken to a border patrol office near Sonoita, AZ they finger printed me and took my picture and I was send back to Mexico the same day; two days later I decided to try again to cross the US border and i was successful , since then I been living in the shadows in Atlanta, I have never been convicted for any crime, I was pulled over once for speeding but I only had to pay my infraction without the need of appearing in court, I been working and  paying my taxes every year.

In february 20th 2007 I married an american citizen, we been trying to legalize me ever since but I was told then that it was too soon to apply; Last year I hired an attorney to follow my case but we were scammed, so we are back to 0 once again.

I decided to stop working in 2008, because we were told by another attorney that it will be best to do so and it will help me to prove that my wife could take care of me while been here in the US., so my wife is been the only one working since then. She graduated in 2011 as a pharmacist.

I am desperate to fix my legal situation, because my wife was diagnose with Lupus 3 years ago and the sickness seems to advance every day, she is been living in pain in her body every day, currently she is working full time but i would like to be able to work legally to help her economically. Her entire family and friends are willing to testify in my behalf to prove that we love each other and we need to be together.

Her Lupus isn't terminal but it could be, since is getting worst by the day.

Thank you

Dear Alfredo:
Sorry to hear about your situation; however indi feel that you should be able to at least get a work permit. Your case is little complicated but something can sure be done. With info provided you seem cancellation eligible. However, more details would be required to evaluate your case/ situation. I would recommend you seek proper professional help from an expert. I don't know why you were advised to not to work. Anyways, we have many cases of like situations with relief granted and many are pending. You may contact us with all your documents and details and we would be more than happy to assist you. Firstly, we will try to get you a work permit as soon as possible. I am very hopeful to get you relief and possibly a green card eventually.
Please do not hesitate to contact us - via email, fax, phone, or postal mail at:
275 North Street, Newburgh, NY 12550
845-784-1500(tel) 646-807-4582(fax)
Best wishes,  

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