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Dear Sir,
I have applied for Skilled workers program in June 2010 in July 30, 2012 I got a refusal letter because the officer couldn't verify my previous job as the company didn't reply to CIC email and later CIC officer called the company and the person who replied gave vague answers and didn't give clear information, this company is facing many problems and that's why I left it for another job, now I have sent a letter in August 30, 2012 explaining these circumstance and that it;s not my fault that person answers and asking them to visit the company office and giving them contact numbers of the person in charge...2 days I got an email that they can not accept any documents or letter after issuance of refusal is that alright? and what is  my chances to reconsider my file as I have manumitted an appeal but I was trying to have a what should I do? and is there an authority than the visa office can reconsider my application? as at the CIC website tracking systems says that my file is ''in process'' and not saying ''desicion made''..thanks for your help

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I got an email that they can not accept any documents or letter after issuance of refusal letter. So is that alright?

Yes, once officer(s) made decision then the next step is to appeal because that's how the system has been set it up. Therefore, I suggest you to contact an immigration lawyer immediately in order to file an appeal since there is time period in order to file an appeal.


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