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Immigration Issues/genuinely married couple lied at border


Hi Ravi

So I am a Canadian Permanent resident (male) and i married a US citizen (female) in July 2012 in the US.  We crossed the Canadian border on Jan 2013 and were questioned by Canadian border officials.  We were scared that if we admitted we were married, they would not let my wife cross the border untill I sponser her.  Our plan was to come back to canada and sponser her from within.  We told them that we were boyfriend/girlfriend and they let us through but they recorded the information

We now have the necessary documentation to start the sponsor process.  We are wondering what will happen if we start the sponsorship process, and what are our options


Hi John,

Thanks for your inquiry.

If you submit your spouse’s PR now and disclose all the true fact and include all the supporting documents, there shouldn’t be any grounds of inadmissible to Canada as per CIC manual ENF 2 OP 18 in 9.7 that inadmissibility decision are made with respect to current application only. It states that "An application for a visa abroad, or for entry into Canada at a port of entry may be denied based on a misrepresentation made in connection with the CURRENT APPLICATION or examination only, unless the person was previously the subject of a refusal for misrepresentation and the resulting two-year inadmissibility period has not elapsed."

Though officer(s) got huge discretions but if you put all the information truthfully on your PR application, my experience says that there shouldn’t be any issue.

Good luck


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