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Dear Sir,
My sister age 65 is in the Canadian immigration process, her son has sponsored her and she has received now letter from Canadian High Commission Islamabad that she should submit her medical and Police clearance from places she has resided more than six months. currently she is in Karachi and we have got clearance from Karachi but she also resided in Kenya for few years in past. Kenyan high commission in Islamabad  says that the person responsible for issuing police certificate is out of country so they can not take my application now. Now the thing is I have already supplied this Kenyan police certificate  previously when she was in Canada through Kenyan High Commission in Canada (she has visited her son on super visa) and since then she has not visited Kenya. should we submit our reply saying that Kenyan Police certificate already supplied and since then not visited Kenya. hope you understand my point.

Hi Bassanio,


Thanks for your inquiry.

According to immigration guidelines, all the Police Certificates considered valid for 6 months and they don't use the commonsense. Though it is very unlikely that officer will accept your request but you should explain all the facts since officer's got huge discretion...and make sure you must comply with officer's request.


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