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Sir, I thank you for your time.
I have a question which you might be able to help me with.

I know canada is presently going through some immigration visa changes. I am not aware of any recent updates however.
I am a physician in USA and earn high six digit salary. I did my residency here and am planning to move to canada for various reasons.
However I want to make sure that my parents who are in India could come and stay with me forever if I happen to move to canada. I understand that though they are not canadian citizens, they should not be worried as canada gives health care regardless of insurance. If there is any problem with my parents migrating to canada or having trouble with not getting free health care in canada, then i have to give it a second thought. This really a deciding factor for me.
Otherwise I already have a job offer from canada. My wife will also have a job there.
Please help.

Dear Dr. Desai,

Thanks for your inquiry.

In order to bring your parents to Canada, first you have to become a permanent resident of Canada and after you meet certain conditions then you can sponsor your parents to Canada as a permanent resident.

In order to get the complete information, please follow this link:

If you have any more question(s), please contact me.


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