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I am currently on an IEC work permit and have applied for PR through CEC. My IEC permit expires on July 8 and it seems unlikely (but not impossible) that I will receive my AOR prior to this date, meaning that I will not be eligible for a Bridging Open work Permit (BOWP).

My questions is, if I don't receive my AOR prior to expiration of my visa, and as I don't have a LMO, if I applied for a temporary Work Visa without a LMO, would I be implied until my inevitable rejection (possibly a few weeks later)?

I ask on the basis that because of the apparent visa processing times this implied period would quite possibly keep me working until I receive my CEC AOR and apply for a BOWP.

Many thanks.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your inquiry.

- If I applied for a temporary Work Visa without a LMO, would I be implied...

If an individual is days away from the expiry of their work permit, will still be able to obtain implied status so long as their extension application is received before the official expiry date on their permit is reached pursuant to subsection 183(5) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations along with submissions.

Further, restoration of status may be a viable option under section 182 IRPR, if you anticipate to get AOR in next few weeks or so. Please consult with immigration lawyer.


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