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Dear Sir,

Could you please help me address my below concern?

I am a Canadian PR and about to meet Canadian Citizenship eligibility requirement on Sept 20, 2013.

I am getting a very good job offer from US IT Consulting firm and they are read to sponsor my VISA as soon as I sign the offer letter. This means that by 30th Oct, 2013 I may have to leave Canada to do this new Job. This may continue long.

My question is that After Sept 20 say by Oct 31, 2013 if I leave Canada after applying for Canadian citizenship and then do not be here physically, AM IS RISKING my Canadian citizenship?

If I stay here, I am losing a very good Job opportunity. Could you please advise me if I have a house here, my kids are studying here, My wife is staying here and it just that I am doing job there in US, AM I STILL RISKING my Canadian citizenship?


Dear Ritesh.,

Thanks for your inquiry.

As per the rules, if you have gathered a solid evidence of your 1095 days stay, CIC won't be able to deny you a citizenship application. Keep this in your mind that you need to be in a valid PR status at the time of oath.

In some cases, CIC sends a Residence Questionnaire to applicant to make sure the information you earlier provided was correct. CIC is only interested on dates before you submitted your citizenship application. They will do a cross reference check with your residency calculator (if applicable).

Though you are permitted to leave the country after you file your application but it will be your responsibility to appear at any appointments that are requested of you (for example, test dates, meetings with a judge, or other representative and the oath ceremony).

I hope this information is helpful.


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