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Hello Sir,

I had a H1-B Visa started from October 2014.I applied COS 28th AUG 2015. I got a new employer and they filed LCA and approved now they want to file for H1 Visa in premium process. I have few questions as before joining I want to visit to my Home country--
1. Should I go for Visa transfer by counselor process.
2. How this process works.
3. Can my employer apply in premium if go for counselor process.
4. If I will go for counselor process how much time it takes.
5. What all document I will need for counselor process in stamping.
6. What is the chances to get visa stamp successfully.

Thanks in advance,


Excuse me for the delay to reply to you.

Why do you choose consular processing? Are you outside the United States?

To know what documents to use for H1 transfer, please visit

You can use premium processing in consular process.

To enter the United States, you need your H1 Visa and I-797.

As I donít know your personal situation, I donít know your chances to get visa stamping.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes.

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