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Immigration Issues/confused dilemma follow up


you said Your questions are difficult to understand. May you repeat your questions in another way that is brief and easy to understand and specify the country for which you want to obtain a visa.


2- simply when I m trying to apply online for a job or internship or any training program they always asked me about work permit or authorization to work in the seeked country or asked me whether I have a visa and added that they ll not assist me on issuing visa , in other hand when I m trying to apply for a visa through embassy they required a job confirmation letter and sponsorship from employer ?


online employer required working visa or work permit for completing or reviewing or accepting my application

the embassies required employer confirmation letter and sponsorship declaration to issue my visa

I hope you sir reach my point , I m confuse , this mean that I couldn't work abroad except from someone know me in person or sponsored by local country agent in both case it is too hard

so please advise to solve this dilemma


You should find a company that accepts to give you a job. Usually, the company will have to make efforts to recruit a citizen or landed immigrant living in that country before offering you a job. If it does not find any person, it can offer you a job.

With that job offer, you will make an application with an embassy or a consular post to obtain a work permit or visa.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes for the holiday season.

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