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Dear Hung, is it true that in Jan 2016 Quebec intake the salary slips, bank statements will not be taken as proof of employment but only tax documents and social security contributions will be considered as proof. In my case my salary was under tax able limit so there is no income tax payment proof but the company has registered me with employee old age benefit organization and deposited money on my behalf and company behalf in it. the record is also available searchable on line by inputting national id #. Is this a valid proof of employment. Further, the company registered me with the institute when i became full time employee and not during the internship, would this internship period be taken as experience.  Thanks. God Bless you.


Don't worry. In the latest instructions given to its employees, Quebec will relax its documentation by removing the requirement to submit proof of the legality of the professional experience concerning the attestation of employment. Quebec will rely mainly on the attestation of employment for the assessment of the Experience criteria.

Despite the decision of not to ask systematically for proof of the legality, the legislation in force allows Quebec to require a candidate to submit any document that it considers relevant. Thus, a variety of documents can be requested as proof of the legality of the professional experience.

Thank you for your attention. Best Regards.

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