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I completed my Masters degree in May 2014 and I am currently working on OPT which will end in last week of July 2015. My H1B visa application was not picked up in lottery this year. I am planning to go back to my school for second Masters degree. My ISO at school told me that since I have already done Masters, in case certain conditions are met, I may be eligible for CPT from first semester itself. The conditions are:

1) The CPT is in an integral part of the program I join
2) The Program head approves the CPT based on the requirements of the program
3) The CPT job I plan to join supports the learning objectives of the program

I would like to know if there are any risks involved in going for CPT given the following facts:

1) My school is one of the top business schools in NYC area.
2) The prospective employer is one of the most reputed employers worldwide.
3) The nature of the job can me mapped with the learning goals of the masters program.

I will appreciate your quick response.



ANSWER: Hello,

For me, what is important is that CPT must be a required a component essential for the completion of the beneficiary's academic program and thus an integral part of the academic program. In other words, CPT must be related to your new program of study. The other factors are secondary.

Best Regards.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I appreciate your response. I have a follow up question.

If the school receives RFE from USCIS asking  how the CPT was an integral/necessary part of the student degree program and if immediate participation was required / mandatory, is there any specific format / form that the school will need to submit to respond to this RFE? If so, where I can find the format for response. I would like to understand what USCIS expects in response to this RFE.




Usually, you are the person who receives RFE from USCIS. In such a case, you should talk to the designated school official (DSO) of your school and seek the school's assistance on answering this one.

Usually, evidence that CPT is an integral part of your program is in your course catalog or letter/email from department head or academic adviser.

There is no specific format for response. However, you can find a sample letter in response to RFE from USCIS at

Best Regards.

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