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QUESTION: I'm currently working in the US using J-2 EAD. If my spouse switches to L-1, would my employment be interrupted? Do I need to re-apply EAD again, or it can be an EAD extension with change of status?

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As your J2 EAD work permit is based on your spouse's J1 status. Should your spouse change his status from J-1 to L-1, you will need to reapply for another EAD as a L-2 spouse.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt reply, I have a follow-up question and hope you could help me.

Since both J-2 and L-2 are eligible to apply EAD, can I file change of status concurrently with EAD application? Or is there any way that can avoid my employment being interrupted?

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


Yes. You can e-file I-539 and I-765 concurrently. In case that the EAD is not approved when the change of status is already approved, you will need to stop working until the EAD is approved.

Hoping that the answer is helpful, I wish you good luck.  

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