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I have applied for BOWP on April 14. However, the processing time has been increasing to 96 days and I am still waiting for approval.

Yesterday I just realized that I have crossed US border on April 8th but I was rejected to enter US because I forgot to bring my visa along with me (My visa is on my expired passport). The officer passed me a letter of refusal and asked me go back to Canada. I wasn't comfortable with the "refusal" letter so I asked him if this gonna be a liability next time if I am crossing US. He said this is just an administrative refusal and is a standard procedures that they have to do it. I should not have to worry if I am crossing over and do not have to tell an officer that I was rejected admission as this is not a legal refused.

Now I am worrying that the Canadian officer may think that I hide any information as I have answered No on the question " have ever been refused any kind of visa, admission, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country". and barred me for misrepresentation.

Can you tell me what to do now? I think they have opened my application for Work permit extension so it would be too late for me to withdrawal the application.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!


You can try to write an email to the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville by using as soon as possible to explain what happened to you on April 8, 2015. Should your application for BOWP is refused for reason of misrepresentation, you can resubmit your application along with additional information that you did not include in your previous application. If your new application is again refused, you will have to apply for judicial review at the Federal Court.

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