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QUESTION: Hi, so I unknowingly have a problem as I am trying to change my last name. I was born in Taiwan but immigrated with my parents to here in USA when I was 6. But when I immigrated only my English first name was written on my social security card, my tax and school documents. When I got my drivers license my English first name is on there too. However my Chinese first name is on my Passport and Naturalization certificate. A while back I had gone thru court with my mom's family lawyer and gotten a court affidavit saying I am the same person with both names. Now I am trying to change my last name by marriage but Social Security office said the affidavit was not good enough proof that those two names are same person so couldn't change the last name for me? So I don't know How to proceed at this point....if you could point me in the right direction step by step that would be great! I dont have any documents having the both first names on there other than the affidavit. Also now my passport needs to be renewed so I probably need to settle this as I would like to know which name I should put on the new passport to have all my official documents say the same thing? Or do you think that affidavit should have been enough and continue with this 2 name route? But then hoe do I get the new last name? Thank you so much!!

ANSWER: Hello,

Due to your situation, I recommend you to obtain a court order of a name change. Once you have the court order, you may apply for a new social security card with your husband's last name. However, you also have the option to keep your current last name as at birth. The last option allows to avoid going before the court.

Best wishes.

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QUESTION: Thanks. But I am more concerned about my first name. So Should I only pick one first name (either the English or the Chinese one) and I will have to go to court to change that first name too? And to change my last name I may as well do it on the same court appearance? Thanks


You can choose either Chinese or English first name. You can also choose both Chinese and English first names. It depends on you. You can have your first and last names changed during the same court appearance.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes.  

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