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Hello - I have a couple of quick questions on transitioning from an L1 to H1B visa. Currently, I am on an L1 visa, which will is valid until 3/10/2018. The admit date on current I-94 is 5/9/2017.

Due to my personal situation, I cannot travel outside the US before October 1. My questions are:
a) Is it necessary to get the H1B stamped and re-enter US before October 1? or

b) Can I get H1 stamped at a later date (after Oct 1) and enter US. I am assuming I will still be in L1 status between Oct 1 and the time I exit US.

Any insights would be much appreciated.



Excuse me for the delay that I took to reply to you.

1. It is not necessary to treval outside the USA to get a new H1B visa stamp,

2. If your H1B petition is approved, you will work on L1B until September 30, and switch to the H1B status on October 1. You do not need to leave the USA.

Thank you for your attention. Best Regards.

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