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Happy new year dear hung, this question may sound weird but this is fact. I have done job in noc1114 other financial officers from February 2013 to sept 2015 . Then my company wound up and currently I am jobless. The company was listed company and proof that it existed in the past is available from financial press, publicly issued annual statements, share prices quoted  on stock exchange etc. Please advise would this be acceptable . One condition i.e address and phone no is currently available in shape of step down small liaison office but it may not exist if future. Company also closed its website recently .


According to me, these documents are acceptable as long as you have other documents such as old pay slips, T4, etc. proving that you worked for the wound-up company. However, you should  also write a letter explaining the reasons why you cannot have a letter of employment from the said company.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes for New Year 2016.

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