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Dear Hung, I understand that forms would ask for last five year work experience , my situation is little tricky as I hold Bsc in accounting degree which can be used for both accountancy as well as other financial services, first I used this degree for general accountancy work for 33 months and later (recently) 27 months for other financial services, I wish to claim 27 months of other financial services NOC 1114 only, how I may present my case so that I am not considered in accountancy NOC but in other financial services category 1114(I am even not qualified for accountancy category as I am not a CPA). Higly appreciate your support.


Now, with the application for selection certificate on paper at, there is no question on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code. At Question 8, you are asked to give the title and code of your area of training, for which you received a diploma.

It seems that with the online application for selection certificate which will be available on January 18, 2016, there will be question on NOC code. I presume at that moment, you can choose the NOC code that applies to your most recent work experience.

Thank you for your attention. Best Regards.  

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