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i am planning to go canada for visa stamping.

i have following question regarding visa stamping.

i am filling ds -160 for canada and i need help with following question.

(1) 1) Intended length of stay in U.S.

my visa is valid from 11/19/2015 to  07/19/2018,should i put just 3 years
or do i need to count weeks from today which is  not 3 years.

2) last 5 USA visit

here do i need to start from 2008 and then again i went for vacation for 3 months.
again i came back and then visit should i fill this information. as i visited canada and india during my stay to USA.

(3) Previous US visa:

should i mention my previous h1 visa ? as this is my second h1b ,first h1 has expired.

(4) have you ever been issues to US visa i put here YES
now under that there is 1 question :
Are you planning in the same country or location where visa above was issued
and is this country or location your place of principal of residence what should be answer : yes/no

i am planning to go same place in canada for my second time visa stamping so it should be yes ,however its not my principal of residence.

please answer me asap


1) Intended length of stay in U.S.:

Here, you should indicate the time that you intend to stay in the U.S.A. Examples, "1 week", "2 months"...

2) Last 5 U.S. visits:

Please check your passport for US stamps. You should mention the most recent 5 dates when you entered the U.S.A. and indicate your length of stay for each visit.

3) Previous US visa:

You should indicate all previous visas that were issued to you, including H-1B visas.

4) Have ever been issued a U.S. visa?:

Are you applying in the same country where the last visa was issued to you? I suppose that you are applying for U.S. visa in Canada. What is your status in Canada? If you are an international student or a temporary foreign worker in Canada, your place of residence is Canada.

Thank you for your attention. Best wishes.

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